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Knights of Harvest
by Kevin Cahill
The Last Cafe
by Kevin Cahill
Letters to a Rose
by Kevin Cahill
" . . . Hilarious, outrageous, and
laugh-out-loud funny . . .

Cahill's eccentric characters are
charming, witty, pompous, funny,
and just a tad insane."
"A terrifying descent into the
netherworld of UFOs, cattle
mutilations and murder . . .

Knights of Harvest will leave
you peering out your
window at night . . ."
". . . an unusual narrative that
candidly reflects the turbulent,
self-indulgent Sixties with biting
style and brutal honesty. "
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We'll never forget
1864 . . .

The Civil War had swallowed a nation whole in a struggle over power and providence,
splitting the country’s heart, and slaughtering the white sons of America’s founding

But on the plains of Bleeding Kansas, America’s true natives are embroiled in a life or
death struggle, indifferent to the political collision between blue and gray.  The inevitable
war between ancient native culture and Anglican progress in the New World is about to
explode on the dark and frigid banks of a Colorado river that the Cheyennes call

Kevin Cahill dramatically assembles the labyrinth of power, politics and controversy that
surrounded one of the most notorious events in the history of the American West.  His
remarkably insightful resurrection of the true-life Indians, soldiers and settlers involved
in the Sand Creek Massacre provides a poignant look at the monumental struggle for
life on the Plains.

Sand Creek is a spellbinding narrative unlike anything ever written about the Sand
Creek Massacre.
It was an event that changed the course of American history . . .
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"Brilliantly written and thoroughly researched historical detail comes to life with novelistic flair in Kevin Cahill’s Sand Creek.
Informative without being boring or dry, this novel is remarkably unbiased in its presenting of the story of the Sand Creek Massacre,
revealing in detail how fear, misunderstanding, and a few violent men on both sides led to so many lives being lost."
                                                                          Colorado Country Life Magazine November 2011
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for Kevin Cahill's extensive collection of research, notes and information