The Sand Creek Massacre
Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site Information

National Park Service Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site
Kiowa County - Kiowa County, Colorado.  Contains information about the massacre site
Search for Massacre Site - National Archives Prologue Magazine article by Christine Whitacre.
Travel Tips - Tips for traveling to the NPS Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site
Sand Creek Massacre Spiritual Healing Run/Walk annual event sponsored by the Northern Cheyenne Tribe of Montana, the
Northern Arapaho Tribe of Wyoming, and the Southern Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes of Oklahoma.

Denver Library Western History / Genealogy Department - THE place to begin your Sand Creek research.
Edward Wanshaer Wynkoop - Remarkable collection of information about the man who desperately tried to prevent the war.  Site
includes many official documents about Sand Creek, including transcripts, newspaper accounts and congressional investigations.
Wynkoop Family Research Library - In-depth genealogy by Christopher H. Wynkoop.
Silas Soule - Site provided by the great grand-nephew of Silas Soule, Byron Strom.
The Life of Silas Soule - site provided by the National Parks Service
National Archives and Records Administration - official site
Colorado College Tutt Library  
University of Colorado Library  
University of Denver Penrose Library  
University of Northern Colorado James A. Michener Library  
Colorado State University Library
Pikes Peak Library District
Colorado Encyclopedia
Collections Colorado's Historic Newspaper Collection - Colorado State Library & Colorado Historical Society.
Salina Public Library – Salina, KS
Boulder Colorado Library - Carnegie Branch Library for Local History
Kansas City Public Library  
Sand Creek Papers - Interesting collection of correspondence - images of the actual papers provided by Colorado College Tutt Library.
The Sand Creek Massacre - Documentary by Donald L. Vasicek.  Winner: 2005 American Indian Film Festival Documentary Short Film
Competition; 2005 IndiGathering Documentary Short Film Competition.
Denver Colorado Genealogy/History
Denver History - by Thomas J. Noel, Professor of History and Director of Public History, Preservation & Colorado Studies at CU-Denver
Colorado State Archives
Colorado State Archives Military Records
U.S. National Archives - Search Civil War and military records
Bent's Fort National Historic Site
Santa Fe Trail - Extensive site with information about the historic trail.
NAGPRA (Native American and Graves Repatriation Act) The Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System - Database of
servicemen who served on both sides during the Civil War.
1st Regiment, Colorado Cavalry - complete roster of soldiers,from NPS/National Archives Project
2nd Regiment, Colorado Cavalry - complete roster of soldiers, from NPS/National Archives Project
3rd Regiment, Colorado Cavalry - complete roster of soldiers, from NPS/National Archives Project
History: Colorado Territory Civil War Volunteers

“War of the Rebellion” - United States War Dept.  The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and
Confederate Armies.
 Four series, 128 volumes.  Washington: Government Printing Office. 1880-1901

Rebellion Records Pertaining to the Sand Creek Massacre - Indexed

Complete online text of the Official Records - Cornell University - Photocopies of original transcripts
Complete online text of the Official Records - Ohio State University - Transcribed text copy (NOTE!  Some typographical errors exist!)
Native American Links

Institutions - Museums - General
Lakota Way Healing Center  Shares the traditional Lakota ways of spirituality with those on their journey of healing.
Smithsonian Institution National Museum of the American Indian
Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties - edited by Charles J. Kappler - "...a seven-volume compilation of U.S. treaties, laws and
executive orders pertaining to Native American Indian tribes."  1778-1970.  A tremendous resource for Native American research.
Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs [BIA] - National Archives
Manataka - American Indian Council
Sequoyah Research Center
Native American Culture
Denver March Powwow - Learn more about this spectacular annual event.
Journey Museum - Rapid City, SD
Wounded Knee Museum - Wall, SD
Indian Memorial At Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument
Mari Sandoz High Plains Heritage Center - Chadron, NE
Chief Dull Knife College - Lame Deer, MT  

Cheyenne Dog Soldiers - Historical information about one of America's most feared warrior societies.
Cheyenne/Arapaho Lands - Information about two of the great Plains tribes.
Bibliography of Cheyenne History
Cheyenne Language Web Site
Chief Black Kettle - Short biography on the great Cheyenne leader, plus links to other Native American chiefs and web sites.
The Arapaho Project - Presented by Northern Arapaho tribe and the University of Colorado.
Northern Cheyenne Net  
Cheyenne Genealogy  
Cheyenne Culture and History Links

Spirit Horse Nation
Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe - Home of the Mnicoujou, Itazipco, Sihasapa, & Oohenumpa bands
Pine Ridge Reservation Chamber
Rosebud Sioux Reservation
St. Joseph’s Indian School - Chamberlain, SD
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Travel to Historical Sites

USDA Forest Service National Grasslands Guide
Travel SD - Guide to the Great Sioux Nation
Sand Creek Massacre Site - Tips on visiting the site
Bent's Fort National Historic Site
Bent's Old Fort on the Santa Fe Trail
Fort Lyon/Fort Wise - Fort Lyon, CO.
Black Hills Badlands Travel Guide
Wall, South Dakota Chamber
Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument - National Parks Service
Apsaalooke Tours - Little Big Horn Battle Field Guided Tours
Kansas Historic Markers
Custer Battlefield Museum
Washita Battlefield National Historic Site
Summit Springs, CO - Site of historic battle between Carr's troops and the Dog Soldiers, July 11, 1969.
Beecher's Island - From Fort Tours, historical battle field in Yuma County, CO.
Fort Phil Kearny State Historic Site - Sheridan, WY
Fort Fetterman - Douglas, WY
Kansas State Historical Society Historic Sites - Guide and maps
Kansas Frontier Forts - KSHS guide and history
Fort Larned National Historic Site - National Parks Service.
Fort Riley - Fort Riley, KS
Homestead National Monument of America – Beatrice, NE (NPS)
McCracken Research Library, Buffalo Bill Historical Center – Cody, WY
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Sand Creek Massacre: Causes and Consequences
150 Year Remembrance, jointly sponsored by the National Park Service and the National Museum of the American Indian

Sand Creek Massacre: 01 Welcome and Blessing
Sand Creek Massacre: 02 150 Year Remembrance Opening Remarks
Sand Creek Massacre: 03 The Causes of the Sand Creek Massacre with Emphasis on the Roles of Governor John Evans and
Colonel John M. Chivington - Gary L. Roberts
Sand Creek Massacre: 04 The Tsistsistas and Hinónóéí Road to Sand Creek - Henrietta Mann
Sand Creek Massacre: 05 Written in Blood: The Soule-Cramer Massacre Letters - David Halaas
Sand Creek Massacre: 06 Sand Creek Massacre: Myths and Misconceptions - Jeff Campbell
Sand Creek Massacre: 07 As the Tall Tree Grows...a Cheyenne Legacy from Sand Creek - Craig Moore
Sand Creek Massacre: 08 The Continuing Trauma of the Sand Creek Massacre - Richard E. Littlebear
Sand Creek Massacre: 09 Multigenerational Impacts - Karen Little Coyote
Sand Creek Massacre: 10 Multigenerational Impacts of the Sand Creek Massacre - Tom Meier
Sand Creek Massacre: 11 An Oral History of the 'Sand Creek Massacre'  - Gail Ridgley
Sand Creek Massacre: 12 Sand Creek through My Great Grandmother's Memories - Norma Gourneau
Sand Creek Massacre: 13 The Memorialization of Sand Creek - Ben Nighthorse Campbell
Sand Creek Massacre: 14 Remembering Sand Creek at the Sesquicentennial - Ari Kelman
Sand Creek Massacre: 15 How the Sand Creek Massacre Affected Our Lives  - Henry Lee Little Bird, Sr.
Sand Creek Massacre: 16 Closing Remarks - Al Addison
Sand Creek Massacre: 17 Closing Remarks - Otis Halfmoon

Rocky Mountain PBS.  Video documentary: Tears in the Sand.  "Rocky Mountain Legacy."
________  Video Documentary:
Colorado Experience: Sand Creek Massacre
Massacre at Sand Creek
Black Kettle
The Sand Creek Massacre
Ned Wynkoop & the Lonely Road
From Sand Creek
Silas Soule
Sand Creek and the
Tragic End of a Lifeway