The Sand Creek Massacre
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Click link to National Parks Service Index, find article under "O" and download - NOTE: PDF file, Adobe Acrobat required.

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Author Louis Kraft Blog.

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report .pdf file requires Adobe Reader.  See also University of Denver for similar study.  
More information on the Committee

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Rocky Mountain News (weekly-daily)

Two Articles:
Appeal to the People, authorizing the organization of civilian militias, under the rules of militia law, to fight hostile Indian bands.
August 10, 1864.

Proclamation – After receiving approval from the War Department, Governor John Evans calls for volunteers to join the Colorado Third
Regiment to fight Indians for a period of 100 days.  August 13, 1864.

To Fight Indians – Rocky Mountain News editorial urges Colorado citizens to form militias at the request of Governor Evans; to
organize under the rules of militia law, and fight hostile Indian bands.  August 10, 1864.

The Reynolds Band – Editorial defends the killing of five members of the notorious James Reynolds Gang by Colorado soldiers.
September 9, 1864.

Rocky Mountain News Editorials After the Sand Creek Massacre, including:
The Battle of Sand Creek – praises the Colorado third regiment. December 17, 1864.
The Third – 3rd Regiment soldiers not paid for their service at Sand Creek.  December 29, 1864.
The Fort Lyon Affair – Indignation over criticism of the Sand Creek attack.  December 30, 1864.
Its Effect – The consequences of a congressional investigation.  December 31, 1864.

Arrival of the Third Regiment - Grand March Through Town - Details Third Regiment return to Denver after the Sand Creek
Massacre. December 22, 1864.

High Officials Checkmated – Letter to editor criticizes “High Officials” rumored to be pushing for an investigation into the Sand
Creek Massacre. January 4, 1865.

The Homicide Last Night.  Report of the murder of Captain Silas S. Soule, April 24, 1865  p. 2  c. 1.

Captain Soule’s Funeral.  Obituary of Captain Silas S. Soule, April 27, 1865  p.2  c.1.

He Kept The Faith  -  Obituary of Colonel John M. Chivington. October 8, 1894.

Scenes at Sand Creek - Interview of Captain John McCannon in 1881, detailing his experiences and opinions regarding the
Sand Creek Massacre.  January 26, 1881.

________ Sins of Sand Creek  The recent discovery of two letters written by Captain Silas Soule and Lt. Joseph Cramer, to Major Edward
Wynkoop, detailing their experiences at the Sand Creek Massacre.  September 15, 2000.

Rocky Mountain PBS.  Video documentary: Tears in the Sand.  "Rocky Mountain Legacy."

________  Video Documentary:
Colorado Experience: Sand Creek Massacre

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Soule, Silas S.  The Letters of Silas S. Soule – Recounting His Experiences in the Colorado Territory - 1861-1865.  Western
History/Genealogy Department, Denver Public Library.  
Excerpts:  Two letters to Sophia Soule (mother) regarding the Sand Creek Massacre.

________  Letter to Major E.W. Wynkoop, December 14, 1864.  Rocky Mountain News. “Sins of Sand Creek,” September 15, 2000.

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________ Diary.  Microfilm, Colorado State Historical Society, Denver, CO.

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Templeton, Andrew J.   Papers. Pioneer Museum of Colorado Springs, Starsmore Research Center.

University of Denver  John Evans Study Report.  Examines John Evans' role in the Sand Creek Massacre, November 2014. Online report
pdf file requires Adobe Reader.  See also Northwestern University for similar study.  
More about the DU study.

Unrau, William E.  The Story of Fort Larned.  Kansas Historical Quarterly 23, no. 3, August 1957.

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Wynkoop, Christopher H.  Edward Wanshaer Wynkoop.  Extensive online collection of information about Major Wynkoop's life and his
experiences both before and after Sand Creek.  The Wynkoop entries below are a few samples of the larger collection that includes
manuscripts, newspaper articles and personal recollections.

Wynkoop, Edward Estill.  Edward Wanshaer Wynkoop.  Collections of the Kansas State Historical Society 13, 1913-1914.

Wynkoop, Edward Wanshaer.  Wynkoop’s Unfinished Manuscript.  Colorado State Historical Society, Denver, CO.  See also, Tall Chief: The
Autobiography of Edward W. Wynkoop
- amazon.com offering on left sidebar of this web page.

The Battle of the Washita: An Indian Agent's View.  Chronicles of Oklahoma, Vol. 36, No. 4, Winter, 1958-1959.

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12, 1953.

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We'll never forget
Government Records

“War of the Rebellion” - United States War Dept.  The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and
Confederate Armies.
 Four series, 128 volumes.  Washington: Government Printing Office. 1880-1901

Rebellion Records Pertaining to the Sand Creek Massacre - Indexed

Complete online text of the Official Records - Cornell University
Complete online text of the Official Records - Ohio State University

“Sand Creek Massacre” – United States Congress, Senate.  Report of the Secretary of War, Sand Creek Massacre, Sen. Exec. Doc. No. 26,
39 Cong., 2 sess.  Washington, Government Printing Office, 1867

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, 38 Cong., 2 sess., Washington, Government Printing Office, 1865.

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Incident at Fremont’s Orchard, April 1864 – Collection of military dispatches and reports regarding the first major outbreak of
Cheyenne/Army hostilities in Colorado.

Lt. George S. Eayer Campaign, April/May 1864 – collection of military correspondence leading to the killing of Dog Soldier Chief Lean Bear.

The Hungate Massacre, June 11, 1864 - Information regarding the murder of Nathan Ward Hungate family by Arapaho warriors near
present-day Elizabeth, Colorado.  A recent article by Dr. Jeff Broome provides new information on the murders.

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Second Proclamation issued by Governor John Evans, August 11, 1864 (Massacre of the Cheyenne Indians, p. 47)

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Major Wynkoop meets Black Kettle - Report on the Smoky Hill Council.

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Reports of Chivington's officers - Dispatched following the Sand Creek attack.

Editorial articles from the Rocky Mountain News - Published after the Sand Creek attack.

Major Wynkoop Report - Investigation into Chivington's attack at Sand Creek.

“Chivington Testimony” - Interrogatories propounded to John M. Chivington by the Joint Committee on the Conduct of the War, and
answers thereto given by said Chivington reduced to writing and subscribed and sworn to before Alexander W. Atkins, notary public, at
Denver, in the Territory of Colorado.  (Excerpt from “Massacre of the Cheyenne Indians,” pp. 101-108.)

John Evans' reply to the Committee on the Conduct of the War  (The Chivington Massacre, pp 77-87)

To the People of Colorado – Defense of Sand Creek Massacre by John M. Chivington, June 1865.

Report to the President by the Indian Peace Commission -  January 7, 1868

Colorado Cavalry First Regiment - Roster of soldiers

Colorado Cavalry Third Regiment - Roster of soldiers

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Fort Wise Treaty with Cheyenne & Arapaho, Feb. 15, 1861
Little Arkansas Treaty with Cheyenne & Arapaho, Oct. 14, 1865; (includes provision for reparations to victims of Sand Creek Massacre)
Medicine Lodge Treaty with Cheyenne & Arapaho, Oct. 28, 1867
Fort Laramie Treaty with Cheyenne & Arapaho, May 10, 1868
Photocopies of original transcripts
Transcribed text copy (NOTE!  Some typographical errors exist!)
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