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From the private materials of Byron Strom,
Anne E. Hemphill Collection, of Baldwin, Kansas.

Hersa Coberly Soule to Annie Soule, written after the death of Silas Soule, August 1865

Lawrence, Kansas
August 6th 1865

My Darling Sister,

You see I am at last anchored at brother Wills. You are anxious to know, I have no doubt, how I like Kansas and
the People and if I think Will looks like Silas. Well in the first place I think I will like the country first rate, but I
cannot judge yet as I have not been here long enough, and it has been raining nearly ever since I came here
but every thing has been done to make it pleasant for me, and I have enjoyed my self long very much.

I like Will and Mary very, very much, but I don't think Will is much like Silas he is not full of fun but his eyes and
hair are very much like My Silies' but I have no doubt but he is as good and I love him dearly, but oh dear Annie,
no one can feel as I do, he was my future hope, and some time when I look at Will and I see the very same eyes,
I think oh can it be, I want to throw my arms around his neck and say tis true you're with me yet my own dear
Silie. The thought is almost madning to me sometimes and I go to my room and stay for hours and read to get it
off my mind. Oh, I am afraid I shall make them unhappy. I would rather die than so. I think because it is my fate to
be unhappy, it is not right that I should make others unhappy on my account. I like the Bensons very much and
also Mrs. Percy. I have not got acquainted with anyone yet and consequently have nothing to write. I had a very
pleasant trip across the Plains had no trouble with the Indians but once and then there was but one man killed
and one wounded, we saw Millions of Buffalo, the train had to be stopped several times to let them pass. I came
through with Maj. Wynkoop and his wife and Col. Tappan. They are of the 1st Regiment and good friends of
Silies and mine. they had 40 soldiers as escort. we feared nothing and I suppose was feared by nothing.

I hope you and Mother have good health, mine never was better, I think this country will agree with me. When did
you hear from Emmie and was she well? I am going to write to her in a few days, tell Mother to write me a long
letter. I think I will be there this fall sure. I left my Mother and Sister in very good health. I have not heard from my
Brothers for some time. When you see Mr. Gould (or Ec as I am used to calling him) give him my kindest
regards. Mr. Cobb did not get quite through, he only got to Nebraski City, KT and there he forwarded my letter
he was very kind. I have got such a horrible pen I can scarcely write at all but then I know my sister looks over
my faults of so light a bearing as this don't you? Tea is ready and I will have to close.

From Your Loving Sister,
Hersa C. Soule

I send you two of Silie's Photographs that were taken just before he was killed. They were not finished at that

Mary says you are going South to teach, and I see they are very much opposed to it, and in fact I would not go if
I were you but come West in the Spring wouldn't you rather. I'm afraid I won't get to see you very soon if you go
but do as you think best.

With much love to Mother,
I am your unworthy
Letters of Silas S. Soule
Hersa Coberly Soule Letter to Annie Soule, August 1865
Sand Creek also
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