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The letters of Silas S. Soule  1861 – 1864
Recounting His Experiences in the Colorado Territory
Transcribed from his actual letters in Denver Library Western History Dept.
Some misspellings are left as i
s from originals

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To Soule's sister, Annie Soule.

Fort Lyon, C.T.
July 16, 1864

Dear Annie,
I just received a letter from you and was kinder glad to hear from you.  I do not write as often as I used to but will
answer letters as soon after receipt as I can.  I am in Fort Lyon on the Arkansas River.  There are five
Companies here besides one section of Battery and the regimental Band.  I have a good company and get
along first rate.  Yesterday at Dress Parade the Major [Wynkoop] commanding the post had orders to read the
Battalion complimenting my Company on their military appearance and discipline, referring to them as an
example for the troops at the post.  So you see I get along very well.  I am the same boy, Annie, as I used to be,
in fact I imagine that I am only seventeen years old.  We have been expecting to be ordered into the field for the
last month and are still expecting to go on an Indian campaign.  I think I will like it better than laying at this Post,
for it is hot as blazes and the mosquitoes are very numerous and they have got into the habit of biting.

I got a letter from Mother yesterday and will answer it today if possible.  There is a man by the name of Hains
here who will start for Bangor in the course of a week.  He is acquainted with Stearns Low’s folks, and is going to
stop there I think.  I had better send about $200 by him to Mother, and if you want any of it perhaps she would
give you some.  I spend my money most as fast as I make it, but when you are in need of some don’t be bashful
(for you know we used to be pretty well acquainted with one another) and let me know.  I have not heard from
Will since he left Lawrence.  I am afraid he has been nipped in some of those fights in Tenn.

You and Mother write for me to be a Christian and not to be too wild, etc., but the Army don’t improve a fellow
much in that respect and you know I never was much of a Christian, and am naturally wild, but I have seen so
much of the world and are not much changed.  I think there is not much danger of my spoiling – our Col. Is a
Methodist Preacher [Chivington] and whenever he sees me drinking, gambling, stealing, or murdering he says,
he will write to Mother or my sister Annie, so I have to go straight.  Give my regards to every body and write
when convenient.  I would like to get Bill’s wife’s photograph.  Haven’t you got one to send me?  I have all the
family but her and Em in an album.  I send you one of mine taken rough without my uniform.  Does it look like
me?  I have my hair shaved so close now that I look like a penitentiary bird.  I have a sure thing that the Indians
cannot get my scalp.

Yours etc,
Letters of Silas S. Soule
Letter to Annie Soule, July 1864
Sand Creek also
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Silas Soule