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The letters of Silas S. Soule  1861 – 1864
Recounting His Experiences in the Colorado Territory
Transcribed from his actual letters in Denver Library Western History Dept.
Some misspellings are left as i
s from originals

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To Soule's sister, Annie Soule.

Fort Lyon, C.T.
June 17, 1864

Dear Annie,
I have just received a letter from you and I was very glad to hear from you.  I am in command of my company and
like it very well.  I have 94 men and get along very well with them.  Fort Lyon is on the Arkansas River about 250
miles from Denver.  I suppose you heard of the great flood we had in Denver.  I was there; my office was in a
large two-story brick building; it was washed away and I did not save any thing out of it, so you see I have been
drove out as well as you.  It was an awful flood; it tore down churches and printing offices, in fact it washed away
most of a quarter of the city and drowned a number of men, women and children.  We had a good deal of rain
this season.  The Arkansas River is so high that it has come in the post and drove most of the laundresses out.

I don’t know what I shall do this summer, but think will have some Indian fighting to do.  Part of my company had
a fight with them a week or two ago.  I lost 2 killed and 3 wounded; they killed about 20 Indians.  I have not been
in any fight yet but may have a chance soon.  I don’t know what to write that would interest you.  I would send
you some money but am afraid the Indians will rob the coach, but if you want money let me know and I will send
some to you.  I would like you to send some papers to me when you can.  Em has not sent any for a long time.  I
got a letter from Mother a week or two ago and answered her.  I have not had a letter from Will since he left for
Kansas.  Give my love to all the folks, tell them that I would like to hear from them.

I think I shall go to Maine to marry so if you see any nice girl who wants to be the wife of a Captain of a hundred
Braves tell them that I am the man they are looking for.

Letters of Silas S. Soule
Letter to Annie Soule, June 1864
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Silas Soule