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The letters of Silas S. Soule  1861 – 1864
Recounting His Experiences in the Colorado Territory
Transcribed from his actual letters in Denver Library Western History Dept.
Some misspellings are left as i
s from originals

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Letter written to Silas Soule’s sister, Emily Soule, after Confederate guerrilla William Quantrill’s
brutal raid on Lawrence, Kansas.  Soule's brother William L. G. Soule’s home was damaged by fire in
the raid, but fortunately the Soule family escaped injury.

Denver City, Colorado Territory
Sept. 4, 1863

Dear Em,
I received your letter last night and was very glad to hear that you had all come out safe, for I was very much
afraid that Bill would go up the flume.  I think you were all in luck.  I am sorry that I have no money, but I will
borrow $50 and send it.  I want to go back there, but don’t see much chance now.  I suppose Mother was scared
some, wasn’t she?

I hear that they have raised considerable money in Leavenworth for the sufferers.  I hope you will get some of it.  
I don’t suppose you go much on Kansas now, do you?  I hope you will not go back for a while.  I shall try and get
transferred to some Kansas Regiment.  I want to get after some of those Missourians.  We had the news here on
the 23rd; it has caused some excitement for they were worse than Indians.  I hope the Kansas Boys will desolate
Missourie and not leave a house standing.

I sympathise with the sufferers at Lawrence and wish I was able to help them.  Tell Mother to be brave and not
fret over our loss.  We will come out all right.  Tell me in your next how much we lost there and where the house
was and all the particulars.

I will write more next time.  I have no time now as the mail will close soon.

If there is no one in Lawrence who knows the firm the within check is on, send it to Leavenworth or St. Joseph
and they will cash it.

S.S. Soule


Note from Annie J. Soule to her sister Emily, written on back of the preceding letter:

Dear Em,
Will opened this letter and sent it to Mother with a note from himself.  I got it for it was directed to Bath.  Will had
been sick with fever, but was better.  You had better send this letter back after you have read it, for Mother will
want to see it.  Will didn’t write anything new, said he missed things more than he had before.  The folks were all
well; he was going into the house next week.  His loss was more than he thought for, $900 by some of the books
having been burned.  He didn’t mention Mary, nor anybody else except to say he had been helping Mac on his
house.  He doesn’t expect any more troubles this year.  Write as soon as you can.  I didn’t expect you to send
me that money.  Didn’t you need it?  I shall send Will’s letter and the check to Mother for the check has to have
her name and then be sent back to Kansas.  Will says two thousand dollars wouldn’t put him where he was
before the fire.  My love to Ella, tell her to write.  Ask her “which she rather hab.”  No more, in haste,

Letters of Silas S. Soule
Letter to Emily Soule, Sept. 1863
Sand Creek also
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