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The letters of Silas S. Soule  1861 – 1864
Recounting His Experiences in the Colorado Territory
Transcribed from his actual letters in Denver Library Western History Dept.
Some misspellings are left as i
s from originals

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To Annie Soule.

Fort Lyon, C.T.
Oct. 30, 1864

Dear Annie:

I received two letters from you by last mail, one I think came around by way of California as it was dated Sep.
7th.  I am still at Fort Lyon.  Have been to Denver once since I came down here, but only stopped a week.  I
expect to be ordered up there soon to fix up some papers.  If I do, I shall endeavor to get up a furlough to go to
Maine.  I want to see you and the rest of the folks.  I suppose I shall continue in the service for three years more,
don’t know.  I have not heard from Will since he left Lawrence.  I have not written to him for the reason that I did
not know where to direct.

We have had considerable trouble with the Indians this summer, but they are quite peaceble at present.  There
are about three thousand here within a mile of the Post who have come in for the purpose of making peace.  I do
not know what we shall do, but I think the Government will not make peace with them.  If that is the case, we shall
have some fighting to do this winter.  I am not in a very good humor to write this evening, for the wind blows and
it is cold and I can hardly see the lines on the paper.

I received Miss Martingale’s letter.  I think she is a genious – would like to get aquainted with her.  I received a
letter from Hannah and answered last week; also one from Em.  Tell Mother that if I go back on a visit this winter,
I am afraid I will not be able to send her any money, but if I find that I cannot go I will send her some sure.  Give
my regards to all the folks in Bath, including the school marms.  I received some papers by last mail which were
very exceptable.  There are a good many Maine folks here, mostly from the neighborhood of Bangor.  I don’t
know of any thing more to write and I am afraid you cannot read this.  If you can’t, I will interprate when I go
back.  Do you ever hear from Glass’s folks or Elsworth’s?  Do you know whether Charley Coombs is in the Army
now?  Write me all that you can think of interest in your next.

Yours etc,
Letters of Silas S. Soule
Letter to Annie Soule, October 1864
Sand Creek also
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Silas Soule