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Selected books about Sioux Indian History:
Marquis, Thomas B.  
Wooden Leg, A Warrior
Who Fought Custer
Michno, Gregory F.
Lakota Noon: The
Indian Narrative of
Custer's Defeat
Sandoz, Mari
Crazy Horse: The Strange
Man of the Oglalas
Ambrose, Stephen E.  
Crazy Horse and Custer
Utley, Robert M.
The Lance and the
Gray, John S.
Centennial Campaign:
The Sioux War of 1876
Hyde, George E.
Red Cloud's Folk
Olson, James C.
Red Cloud and the
Sioux Problem
Overfield, Loyd J.
The Little Big Horn, 1876
White Bull, Joseph
Warrior Who Killed
Vestal, Stanley
Warpath - The True
Story of the Fighting
Sioux - Audio CD
Brown, Dee
Bury My Heart at
Wounded Knee
Mails, Thomas E.
The Mystic Warriors
of the Plains
Mooney, James
The Ghost Dance
Neihardt, John G.
Black Elk Speaks
Sandoz, Mari
These Were the Sioux
Andrist, Ralph K.
The Long Death
Bryant, Charles S.
Indian Massacre in
Bray, Kingsley M.
Crazy Horse
Carley, Keneth
The Sioux Uprising of
Freedman, Russell
The Life and Death of
Crazy Horse
Greene, Jerome A.
Battles and Skirmishes of
the Great Sioux War
Hyde, George E.
A Sioux Chronicle
Hyde, George E.
Spotted Tail's Folk
Oehler, C. M.
The Great Sioux Uprising
Marshall, Joseph M. III
The Journey of Crazy
Horse: A Lakota History
Standing Bear, Luther
Stories of the Sioux,
Second Edition
Utley, Robert M.
The Last Days of the
Sioux Nation
Utley, Robert M.
Indian Wars
Cozzens, Peter
The Long War for the
Northern Plains
Greene, Jerome A.
Lakota and Cheyenne:
Indian Views of the Great
Sioux War, 1876-1877
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